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Easy Apple Dumplings With Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

The other day I was on a Netflix binge of one of my favorite foodie shows, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, when I happened to see a dessert I really wanted to replicate: Apple Dumplings. The recipe on the show seemed simple enough, but I figured I could mess with it and make it my own. The result was fantastic! Seriously, guys, these dumplings were one of the  easiest and tastiest deserts I’ve made. I paired it with some vanilla-bean ice cream and was in a food-lovers heaven for about 10 minutes until I inhaled the whole thing!

IMG_0852 (1)

The original dessert that caught my attention used homemade dough which I didn’t feel like doing, so I asked Pillsbury for a little help! This most definitely tastes like it takes a lot more work than it actually does, and the best part is you get to take a major short-cut by using Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls! Next time I’ll try using Pillsbury Biscuits or pie crust for more of a crunch!

AND, while this is still unconfirmed, these dumplings may quite literally be life-savers- while the dumplings were baking, Chris was outside playing with his brother’s guinea pig when he got away! He lodged himself under the deck and Chris ventured underneath to get him but it was like he disappeared! After spending a couple hours trying to find him, we all reluctantly went back inside. Now I’m not saying it was the the dumplings per se, but after we all ate dessert, we took a second look and the guinea pig was there under the deck again! Chris dragged all 6 ft. of himself under the deck, literally having to dig his way far enough under to get to him, but he saved the day- only AFTER eating my dumplings. Coincidence? I think not 😉

Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll Apple Dumplings (makes 5 servings)



Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Peel and core your apples.

Peeled and Cored Apples

Once your apples are peeled and cored you want to stuff them with butter and brown sugar. Just stuff a generous amount of butter and brown sugar in the center where they have been cored. Then sprinkle just a little cinnamon over the top of the apples.

Next take the the cinnamon rolls out of the packaging and use a rolling pin to roll out each cinnamon bun into a sheet of dough rather than their roll shape. One by one place each apple in the center of each sheet of dough, then wrap the apples inside of the dough by bringing each corner of dough up to each other and pinch to seal. Place each wrapped apple inside of a glass baking dish and fill the bottom of the baking dish with a thin layer of sugar water. I just added some brown sugar to the water. You can pour it in right over the apples to moisten up each dumpling a little before baking.


Bake your dumplings in the preheated oven for about 50 minutes or until apples or tender and the dough is golden brown. Make sure to occasionally baste the dumplings with the sugar water while they are baking.


Once they were done I topped them with a little bit of the icing that is provided in the package and served with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

Cinnamon Bun Apple Dumpling

How would you serve these? With something other than icecream? Or maybe top them with some walnuts? If you try these out, let me know how they came out and how you tweaked it. Also I’d love to hear how they came out with another type of dough! Comment here or Instagram me @TheCrafterglow with #MyCrafterglow!


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