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Make the World Better


I’m really excited to share this project with you because not only was it simple, but there’s so much room to be creative with it and make it your own! This particular craft is done by upcycling old paintings, so grab all the old wall art collecting dust in your attic and give it some new life. This is a great way to make a cheap and simple gift for just about any occasion or  to add some style to your home on budget.

I actually got the original painting from a yard-sale for $3 and they threw in a smaller ceramic frame. It was a beautiful piece but was a bit faded and the back was starting to fall apart. I loved the antiquated look of the frame on the painting and decided not to do anything to that at all. The smaller frame they threw in reminded me of a cameo- which I happen to be obsessed with and collect. I added the quote, “Make the World Better” because not only do I love the quote but thought it was really fitting for this project which took something unused and without purpose and gave it new life and made it beautiful!

I want to share with you how I made my Cameo Wall Art, but I also want to make sure you realize how simple it would be to change it up to make a gift or fit your personal style. You could use just about any stencil to make anything you want. You could also add glitter or beads to add texture with crafting glue or a hot glue gun.

What I used:

  • old framed wall art
  • smaller ceramic frame
  • black and pink acrylic paint (or in colors of your choice)
  • Gorilla Glue (or any heavy duty multi-surface glue)
  • silhouette cut-out (you can print one on your home computer)
  • one sponge paint brush and one fine tip paintbrush
  • tape


What I did:

I found a silhouette online that I liked and printed it out. I didn’t have any card-stock so I took the print out and traced it onto an ad I was sent in the mail, but if you have card-stock or thicker picture paper print out your picture onto that to cut out the extra step. Once I cut out the silhouette, I taped it down to the center of the old painting where I wanted my cameo to appear. Make sure when you tape it down you roll up your tape and place it under your cut out (you don’t want the tape showing anywhere or it will be in the way for the next step).


Next I took my sponge brush and painted over the whole picture with black acrylic paint.


Once the black acrylic paint was dry I carefully removed the silhouette cut-out.


I then painted my ceramic frame with the pink acrylic paint. While the frame was drying, I took my fine point paint brush and painted “Make the world better” across the bottom of the painting with the pink acrylic paint.

At this point I just had to attach the frame around my silhouette to give the look of a vintage cameo. I dampened the back of the ceramic frame and put gorilla glue on it. I then carefully placed the frame on the painting around the silhouette. To clamp it down I used a large book and a weight from an old exercise machine my father had which I placed on top of the frame to firmly hold it down. I left it clamped down over night.


If you try this please feel free to mix up the colors, add a quote, change the picture that you use and try adding texture with beads, glitter, stones, or anything your little crafty heart desires! Please share your finished products with us by commenting here or sharing on Instagram with the hashtag #mycrafterglow and tagging me @thecrafterglow.

Keep making the world better, one upcycle project at a time!



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