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Graduation DIY

A few weeks ago I was trying to think of a cute handmade graduation gift I could give to a friend of mine when I found the cutest idea on Pinterest to cut little butterflies out of paint swatches to make ombre wall art.


I fell in love with the idea but wanted to tweak it a little and personalize it. I ended up cutting butterflies out of paint swatches as well as old road maps. I also used a fine point Sharpie to add a quote as well as my friend’s name and graduation year. It came out so cute and it was super simple to make.

If you’re looking for a simple graduation gift, birthday gift, even a baby shower gift, this is a great idea to just tweak with an appropriate quote. It took very minimal supplies and besides a canvas and a sharpie it was free to make!

DIY Graduation Gift


  • Canvas (any size that suits your fancy)
  • Paint swatches (in a variety of colors)
  • Butterfly stencil (you can print one out online here)
  • Map (if you don’t have an old one lying around print one you like on cardstock paper)
  • Fine Point Sharpie (in any colors you like)
  • Glue gun and glue stick


Use your stencil to cut butterflies out of your paint swatches. I used multiple-sized butterflies for mine but I’ve seen many with uniform butterflies throughout so that is up to you. Make sure you cut enough to fill the canvas.

If you would like road map butterflies for your project just repeat this step with your maps. I couldn’t find an old map so I used Google to find a map I liked and printed it on cardstock paper which I used to cut out my butterflies.

Once you have your butterflies make sure you practice laying them out in the pattern that you would like. I placed them in an arch across the canvas to leave room for the quote. Once you have the basic idea of where the butterflies are going you can personalize.

Use your Sharpie to add a name or a quote or a personal message. I looked at multiple fonts and quotes on Google to help get an idea of how I wanted to write my letters. Once you have that taken care of you can begin to glue down the butterflies on your canvas.

I used a hot glue gun to glue them down after sort of placing them in the general location I wanted them. Make sure to bunch them close and turn the butterflies in all different locations. I think it’s cute to bunch them closer at one point and have them begin to fly off as the design goes but there are endless ways to place them.

That’s it! Simple as that for a really personal gift for almost any occasion!

If you try making a paint swatch butterfly canvas please share with me! I’d love to see how you ended up placing them or if you created a different type of gift out of it! Comment here with your pictures and experience, Tweet me @aliciapileggi with #myCrafterglow, or tag me on Instagram @thecrafterglow with the #myCrafterglow hashtag!

Why buy when you can DIY?!


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