Galentine’s Day


I know this post is a bit late, but I felt the need to still pay homage to one of my favorite independent women, Leslie Knope, and the holiday which she created: Galentine’s Day! Why should we only celebrate romantic love and relationships? Where’s the day set aside to honor and celebrate the amazing gals in your life who make you laugh, inspire you, and keep you sane? That’s where Galentine’s Day comes in. Leslie Knope celebrated all her special gals by celebrating them and all the amazing things about them the day before Valentine’s Day. So this year I was inspired to think about the amazing women in my life. From my tirelessly driven mentor who has pushed me in both my academic and career endeavors and has inspired me both as a woman and feminist, to my mother who’s taught me what boundless love is and from where I got my crafting gene, right on to my girlfriends who never give up in their own academic and career goals and who have been there to drink too much wine with me, laugh with me, and still love me in my sweats and no makeup- these women deserve to be reminded how amazing they are!

What I really want to do with this post is remind all you awesome ladies out there to remember each other! Don’t get so caught up in your own life that you forget to acknowledge each other. Preaching to choir here, I know! Life gets so demanding, and we’re lucky if we remember to brush our teeth in the morning or to eat a well-balanced breakfast (which usually amounts to a quick stop at the drive-through), let alone send a card or a gift or find time to make the women in our lives feel special. BUT it’s worth the effort. Society often forgets women and their achievements, or brushes them to the side, just as strong female relationships are belittled. So we, as women, must remember each other, for each other. Work together. Celebrate each other!

Now I’m not saying we can all be Leslie Knopes, with her endless positive attitude and perfect gift-giving ability, but we can let each other know how special we are in the little ways! Empower each other.

I know I’m going on a little bit a social-rant here, but I do have a craft to share as well 🙂 This weekend I decided to drop a little something off to a special gal in my life- one of my best friends. With craft supplies that I had on hand I made a little Galentine for her, and I wanted to quickly share the idea with you! This is one example of a quick way you can do something to brighten someone else’s day and to help you express how much you appreciate someone in your life.

I used a mason jar, some construction paper scraps, white ribbon, old Christmas tree beads, and a scrap booking sticker, to make a small Galentine’s card and mason jar to hold a couple chocolate-dipped Oreos I made. Here’s the final product:


To all my lovely ladies out there, Happy Galentine’s and keep that positive energy flowing!


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