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Thrifty Treasures

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This is the first of a series of posts I plan to continue this year: Thrifty Treasures. I spend a lot of my planning process for upcycling and craft projects at thrift shops looking for inspiration. I want to share these thrift-shopping adventures with you and show you some of the awesome loot I get excited about! Hopefully these posts will inspire you to go hunting for your own thrifty treasures!

This weekend I decided to start off the new year by doing something I absolutely love: thrift-shopping with Chris! I found an amazing thrift shop, Red, White and Blue Thrift Store, which has a few locations throughout the States so check it out if there is one in your area! It was full of amazing treasures, and I grabbed a couple things I’ll be upcycling soon! One thing I’m super excited about is a beautiful mountain bike I got for $20. I’ve been looking for a bike for this coming Spring, and this was a must-buy! Chris also found an Elvis record to add to our hefty record collection we’ve accumulated over the past few months. I was also super excited when I found beautiful candle stick holders and a set of china that look great together! I’m planning on making a set of cake stands with them!



I also picked up a gorgeous painting with a cheap frame, which I’m planning to refresh with a bright coat of paint and possibly turn it into a tray. I’m still working on the final plan for this one.


We continued the treasure hunt at the Salvation Army and then drove around just looking for a couple other thrift shops where I found a few more awesome items to inspire new projects! I found a set of goblets that were more of an impulse buy because I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them, but at $4 how could I say no?!


I also found another candle holder that I think could make the base of a very interesting cake stand eventually.


Thrift shopping is the way I get the creative juices flowing as well as a feasible way for a poor college student, like myself, to find what I need to chase after that crafterglow! It’s always a fun adventure especially with your loved ones, and you really never know what you’ll find! Get out there and find yourself some thrifty treasures and bring new life to something that needs a little updating! As always please share your thrifty treasures and your updates on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #mycrafterglow so we can bask in the crafterglow together!


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