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Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Hey all!

Today I’m supposed to be working on my final paper of the semester. It’s a doozy, too- a 15 pager! BUT instead I’m crafting. I blame it on the weather! It just started snowing this morning, so how can I not be in the Christmas spirit now?! The first thing I like to do when it snows is throw on all my sweats and long undies and anything waterproof I can find- usually rain boots and a windbreaker on top since I have no actual snow-appropriate attire- and build a snowman!

Do you want to build a snowman? Come on let’s go and play!… Sorry. Brain Freeze! Oh Disney, and your ridiculously catchy tunes!

OK back to reality. So I’m dying to build my first snowman of the winter, but it just started snowing and it’s not sticking at all yet. SO instead I made a snowman candle holder this morning! Oh my gosh, guys, let me tell you how cute this guy came out! It was super easy, only took me about an hour of work; so I just have to share a quick tutorial with you guys! If you are snow-deprived like me, then get to building this cute little guy indoors!


What you’ll need:

  • Ribbon (style of your choice)IMG_20141211_112243_642
  • Craft pebbles (I got a bag at Michaels)
  • small piece of orange foam (for nose)
  • white acrylic paint
  • black acrylic paint
  • small paint brush
  • small foam paint brush
  • white glitter
  • black t-light
  • glass fish bowl candle holder (I got mine at the dollar store)
  • some type of top coat spray enamel


To start, wash the glass bowl candle holder. Make sure to thoroughly dry it before getting started.


Now you can get started painting. I bought an acrylic paint set that came with two small brushes from Five Below. I’m using this for both my paint and brushes. Paint a coat of white over the whole glass bowl. the open end is going to be the bottom and is going to be covered with ribbon so don’t worry about making that part look good. Also the squared off bottom is going to be the snowman’s hat so don’t worry about that part either.

After this first coat dries go ahead and give it a second coat of white paint. The paints I’m using aren’t a very good quality, which is why I gave it two coats. It’s really up to you and what you think it needs. Don’t worry about it looking too perfect, my final coat came out still pretty uneven. We are going to add a little more paint and glitter to give it a textured look, so you just need a basic white base.


Now we are going to add glitter! Just so you know- glitter’s my favorite! I like to add it to anything and everything. This next step is done by adding glitter to the wet paint and using a foam paint brush to give it a textured look. I’ve used this process in my Mason Jar Christmas Craft but it’s easier for me to show you than to explain, so here is a quick video of how to do this next step:

Now it’s starting to look pretty! Next paint that base of the bowl (which will be the top of our craft) with black paint. One coat should be fine, but go ahead and do a second if you think it’s needed. Once all has dried, it’s a good idea to do a coat of clear enamel spray paint on top just to make it last and keep it nice. I didn’t put the top coat on yet, myself, but I plan to before I use it or give it as a gift.


Now we get to finish it off with all the fixings! Using a glue gun, take your ribbon and wrap it around the bowl’s opening (our base) and glue it down. I left the edges hanging a little to resemble a scarf; feel free to wrap it any way you think looks the cutest. Then I used the glue gun to glue down two small craft pebbles for the eyes.


Now do the same thing with 5 small craft pebbles to form a mouth. Once you have your mouth glued on, it’s time for the carrot nose! I took a small piece of orange foam and cut it into the shape of a carrot. You could use anything you want for this though. I actually had a small pack of flat foam popsicles for scrapbooking, and I cut a triangle out of one of those! Glue the “carrot” in the center between the eyes and mouth, and now your snowman has a face!


Top with T-light for his hat, and Voila! You’ve brought Frosty to life!

**WARNING: I added a Votive candle on top in the picture just because it’s the perfect shape for a top hat, but a votive isn’t safe to burn on here! For burning purposes you’d need to put it in a clear votive holder first, or you can use T-lights as well.

Isn’t he just the cutest?! I hope you guys will give this one a try- trust me it’s super simple! If you do give this one a try, as always I’d love to bask in the crafterglow with you! So please share your experience or pictures of your final product here in the comments. Instagram your pictures with the tag #myCrafterglow and tag me @thecrafterglow!

Let’s bask in The Crafterglow together!


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