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Deck the Halls

I can just imagine the side eyes I’m getting right now from those of you who read the title and thought Really?

I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, and it’s hard enough to get through the hustle and bustle of planning and decorating for one season of celebrations at a time, but I just had to share the cutest holiday craft I’m getting ready to do! Yes, I’m one of those people, who were thinking about Christmas decor in October. I’m normally not this bad, but once I have an idea, it haunts my dreams until I try it; and I recently saw the simplest mason jar crafts that I loved. I can’t help that they happened to be Holiday-themed, and to top it all off, the craft store just had a sale on mason jars for $1 apiece. Now that’s a Holly Jolly good deal I couldn’t pass up!

I saw a picture online of mason jars, even baby food jars, with little winter wonderlands inside, complete with mini trees and snow. Could it get any cuter? Actually, yes—with mini mason jars! And I just happened to find the cutest mini Ball mason jar that was sort of shaped like a mug! So now I plan to make a Christmas tree ornament version, as well, with the mini jar.

The supply list may grow once I start making them, but so far at AC Moore, I picked up one normal-sized jar, two slightly smaller ones with clamp-lids, and one of the mini ones.

Mason Jars

I also picked up mini trees, fake snow, and a couple other little things I thought might look cute in the jars.

Screenshot_2014-11-10-10-15-00-1 (1)

Besides that, I’ll need my glue gun, ribbon, and holiday stringed beads to get started. If you decide to join me in this craft, supplies are minimal, and how elaborate you get with it is really up to you. I think even the simplest ones will have a country-chic look that’s perfect for holiday decor.

I’m going to finish up this first batch to share with you guys later this week. Hopefully, it will be a success because I want to make a bunch of these as simple gifts for family and friends in December. I think they’d also make a great gift for the hosts or hostesses of any Holiday get-togethers you may be attending- or just for yourself. I know I’ll be keeping a couple for my own decor! My next post will include pictures and a how-to, but if you’d like to get an idea now, here’s a great post from Home Stories A-Z (Links to an external site.)

OK now that you’ve seen them, aren’t you ready to deck the halls?!


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