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Painting Pumpkins (Wine-glass Candle Holders)

Happy Halloween!

I was excited for this post today because I recently finished the cutest pumpkin candle holders. It was super simple, and even though Halloween is already upon us, these pumpkin candle holders will be great for Thanksgiving as well! I know you’ll just “Fall” in love with them 😉

So a couple weeks ago I was struggling to think of a gift to give my boyfriend’s mother on her birthday. I mean I love an excuse to go shopping, but gift-giving can get a little stressful when your budget is pretty much non-existent. As a poor college student I have to get creative if I want a special gift for someone. So that’s exactly what I did!

I’m in love with all the hand-painted wine glasses and martini glasses that I see at gift shops and craft sales, so I thought I’d make one to give as a gift. I Googled some ideas and came across the idea to turn old wine glasses into candle holders. I was super excited because it looked simple but unique, and I have a ton of extra wine glasses- I like to go wine-tasting maybe a little too much! I decided to do pumpkins because they are perfect for the season, and I could make a little gift basket with them and some chocolate covered pretzel rods I was going to make.

The candle-holders came out absolutely adorable and were pretty much free to make (I had extra craft supplies on hand), so I am super-excited to get to share them with you! These would make a great addition to your Fall decor or on your Thanksgiving dinner table- I will definitely be making some more for myself!

Here’s what I used to get started:

  • Paint (I used a cheap acrylic paint set)
  • Paint brushes (I used a $1 foam paint brush for the majority of the painting and regular small brush that came in a paint set for the details)
  • Top Protective Coat (I used a Crystal Clear Enamel Spray)
  • Wine glasses

Some finishing touches:

  • Fake leaves
  • Twine or thin Burlap ribbon
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

What I Did:

I took two old wineglasses-slightly different sizes- and washed them and dried them thoroughly.


I then took my acrylic paint set and mixed myself a couple different shades of orange. I painted the entire bowl of the glass orange. The paint that I was using wasn’t very good quality and I had to do multiple coats, so I kind of did different shades with each thin coat to give it some dynamic. I also tried putting brown thin lines vertically down the glass to look like the ridges in a pumpkin, but I didn’t like how it came out. So I did another coat of orange over top, which didn’t cover it but sort of lightened the lines and blended them in. I then painted the stem of the glass green. You may also want to paint the base or foot of the glass green as well, but I left mine paint-free.


At this point all that’s left to do is add a protective coat. I recommend a spray enamel only because it’s easy. I happened to have some on me from my last decoupage project. Because I didn’t use a glass-specific paint, I did not do a curing process by baking it. The acrylics worked fine enough, and with a good sealant or top-coat, it shouldn’t chip too easily (but you may choose to skip this process and buy a glass-paint and follow the directions for curing).  After spray painting and allowing to dry outside, I began adding the finishing touches. This can be done however you would like, but I thought just a couple simple fake leaves would add just enough. I happened to have some on hand so I used my glue gun to add them right where the stem and bowl meet. On the glass with a longer stem, I also glued a thin strip of burlap ribbbon (because that’s what I had) around the stem to look like vines. I found some green ribbon and tied a bow around the stems to finish it off.


This was a very simple project, and I recommend it to both the crafting-pro and the novice like me. I hope you’ll give these a try, and if you do please comment and let me know how it went! Also Instagram a picture of the final product with the hashtag #myCrafterglow so I can bask in the Crafterglow along with you 🙂


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