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First Encounters (with Decoupage)

A few weeks ago my yard saling paid off, and I found an amazing bargain- a $1 wooden chair in good condition. Since then, I had been dying to upcycle it a bit, but with my school schedule it had to wait. I was left mentally picturing all the wonderful ways I could update it, while it sadly sat in the corner of my garage and silently cried out to me every morning as I left (Yes, I’m a bit dramatic about my crafting). About two weeks ago I decided on decoupaging the chair- which only made it that much more excruciating to wait because I’d been daydreaming about decoupaging for quite some time but had never tried it. Decoupage is a process of decorating with paper cut-outs. It’s a really simple and versatile way to update pretty much anything-from wood furniture to glass bottles. For more information on decoupaging and links to step-by-steps on the process check out this awesome post from About Home.

So that weekend I made a trip out to the craft and hardware stores to pick up supplies. That was all I had extra-time for that week, especially because it took pretty much all day. Is there a such thing as a quick trip to a craft store? Not for me, at least!

Skip ahead to this past weekend: I upcycled and decoupaged my craft-loving heart out!

After sanding the chair down with the help of Chris,


we spray painted it black.


After a second coat and time to dry, we began decoupaging! With comics! We cut out pictures from cheap, re-printed issues of “The Punisher,”  and I began mentally arranging where they should go. With a foam paint brush, I began applying the Mod Podge to both the chair and the back of the cut-out; then I painted a layer of Mod Podge over top of the cut-out as well.

*Side Note: I highly recommend Mod Podge for future decoupage projects you may undertake, and I will definitely always have a bottle on hand myself. It’s an all-in-one glue, sealer, and finish (did I mention I’m poor and impatient?).

Then I repeated the process for each cut-out until every area I wanted to be decoupaged was completely covered. I soon resorted to using my hands to smooth out and add the top coat of glue, which was an immediate flashback to preschool craft time with macaroni and Elmer’s! I did rush a bit through this process, so there were a few minor bubbles in a couple areas after drying. I’d recommend going slower and saran-wrapping each section as you go, being careful to smooth out all glue and get everything as tight as possible (do as I say not as I do!). Here is the almost-final product (minus the trimming of the edges of the cut-outs).


I have to admit I was quite pleased with the outcome for being my first time trying the process. It’s fairly-quick (the glue dried over night), simple, and it adds so much character (I mean, come on… it’s the Punisher!). You can do this with pretty much any paper cut-outs, and I’ve seen online tutorials with napkins, posters, comics, maps, tissue paper, and old book pages. I will definitely be doing this again! I will be sure to do an updated post with a picture after I trim the edges and add a top-coat enamel to the entire chair.

**Updated 5/19

Here is the final product!


No, that’s not sweat,

I’ve just got that crafterglow!


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